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If work is a prison, expect low productivity

Posted by on June 26, 2018

Regardless of your business’ size, nature or specialty, one major concern for every organisation is your employees’ productivity level. Organisations are constantly seeking new and more effective ways to increase the productivity of their employees.

Seeking for ways to enhance the productivity of your employees may seem like an unending journey, but there are some ways that your organisation can go about enhancing the productivity of your employees. There are some practical ideas that are not difficult to implement and can have tremendous effects to your workplace.

Work feels like hell to an awful lot of us.

When creating a productive workforce, creating a culture is one relevant factor. Your organisation needs a workforce that encourages productivity and not mediocrity. You need to understand the effect their cultures have on the productivity of their employees. You should identify the aspects of their culture that may have a negative effect on their employees’ performance and eliminate them.

Secondly, you need to place high value on teamwork and collaboration. Encourage your employees to work on group to solve your problems. When team work is encouraged, employees have the opportunity to share ideas and learn from others and this fosters productivity. Furthermore, encourage employees to reduce unhealthy competition.

Also, you need to have proper communication as this would often reflect in your policies. Make sure that your policies are employee-friendly and treat them properly. When employees feel that they are being treated fairly and when they know that their organisation cares about them, productivity is greatly enhanced.

Lastly, you need to have proper communication. You need to communication your values to your employees frequently. You also need to often remind them of the goals of the organisation and the roles they play in helping the organisation achieve these goals.

These are the factors your organisation need in order to achieve high level of employee productivity. Without these, your workplace will be like a prison. And if work is like a prison, what can you expect?

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